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Little Mr. “P” Newborn Session

Mr. “P” here is a special little guy!  He is 6 weeks old here, much older than my typical “newborn” sessions but he has a special story!  He was born with a heart condition called “Coarctation of the aorta” and required heart surgery 8 days after he was born.  In a nutshell, part of the aorta was too narrow and had to be widened to allow for proper blood flow.  As such, he obviously wasn’t up to coming in for a photo op within his first week of life.   When he came to see me at 6 weeks, he was still a sleepy little guy but didn’t really want to “curl” or do much of the tummy posing.  He sure let me know it too!  That was just fine and I worked him and  how he was most comfortable and happy, which was on his side.  When Mom brought him back a couple weeks later for the viewing appointment, I couldn’t believe how much he had changed!  He was smiling at me and was just such a joy!  Mom signed up for the Baby’s First Year Plan with me so you will get to see this little guy grow!!!!  Every time I hold a baby, I am reminded of how each little life is such a miracale!


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